How To Select The Right Class?

Age Overlap: A few of our camps and classes overlap in grades and ages giving the young performer the opportunity to choose exactly what they need.  If your performer would benefit from a leadership opportunity, register your performer in a class where he/she will be the oldest in the class.  This gives the performer the opportunity to recognize what he/she already knows and gives them the confidence to move on and learn more.


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Music, Acting, Improv: Many parents ask me if their performer should start with a musical theater class or an acting class.  My answer is always: Whatever they are the most comfortable with, singing or acting.  By starting with what they are the most familiar with it gives the performer the confidence to move on and begin to tackle material out of their comfort zone.

Adult Acting too!
While we offer more classes for children, Therese has vast experience working and directing adults and enjoys teaching this class immensely. Adult Acting is designed to both support adults looking to step into the world of acting either professionally or as a part time hobby as well as experienced actors to stay fresh and continually develop skills.

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If you have other questions concerning your performer and what class or camp would work best for them please contact us by email or call Therese directly:  or 484-995-2915.