Do costumes belong in an acting class?

When people think about acting often they envision all the beautiful costumes. So why do you see all the props and furniture pieces in acting classes instead of costumes? The answer lies in what we teach our children when they are young, “clothes do not make the person,” instead “look deeper and find the person inside.” Are actors any different?

I don’t think so. An actor must find their character from within, not through a costume. A young performer usually can’t wait to find out what they are wearing for a show. What the actor needs to focus on is what they have inside themselves that can contribute to the character they will create. Acting ignites the imagination; a costume too early in the rehearsal process could stunt the imagination.

Costumes are a finishing touch. For our actors, costumes are the icing on top of the craft we create ourselves.
Does this mean parents should throw away the princess and pirate costumes lying in the play room? I don’t think so. After all, fun is still fun!