A “Life-Lesson” – The Meisner Technique


By Therese Walden-Murphy, Studio Owner & Executive Director

A “life-lesson”, The Meisner Technique helps students recognize the importance of their voice and ideas. Acting classes are fun and learning to act is par for the course; but the professional actors who teach at West Chester Studio care about more than acting alone. Have you heard of the Meisner Technique?


Sadly, all to often, the teachings of Sanford Meisner are distorted by well-meaning teachers who are unclear of the core practice. The Meisner Acting Technique teaches students how to hear and use their own voice. Participants are encouraged to formulate their own ideas and thoughts and discover which ideas best support the needs of the role.
“Students work on a series of progressively complex exercises to develop an ability to improvise, to access an emotional life, and finally to bring the spontaneity of improvisation and the richness of personal response to textual work.”
– wikipedia http://ow.ly/oyEzc

For kids and people of all ages, this means building the confidence to incorporate and develop your own excellent ideas into a project, while keeping the final requirements in mind.