What Does It Take To “Perform” a Song?

Many young performers have their sights set on becoming a broadway star. They take voice lessons, dance classes and acting classes. Yet, so often, the big roles remain just out of reach. Why? Most people do not realize that singing lessons, dance classes and acting classes, while important, do not always teach how to perform a song.

Acting in an ensemble situation is actually the opposite of what a soloist should focus on. The ensemble is responsible for furthering the storyline; the soloist must translate the meaning (the words) of a song into a feeling the audience can understand.

Therese Walden-Murphy, WCStudio owner has a few thoughts:

“Actors at WCS are encouraged to recognize the importance of voice and are taught how to put that voice out into the world. By teaching proven acting techniques, our performers develop a strong platform from which their ideas and voices can be heard, now and into the future – on a stage or in any aspect of life.”

“Although classically trained, I teach people to sing a variety of styles from classical to musical theater to pop. I have a vast array of teaching experiences from private voice teaching to classroom music to church musician and choir director.”