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Our exciting CREATIVE ACTORS CLUB offers children in grades 1-4 the opportunity to create characters and stories through movement, voice and imaginative play. While playing theater games and exercises students are encouraged and challenged to follow directions, learn active listening skills, participate in teamwork, and accept challenges while taking risks. Each student begins to recognize the importance of his/her individual voice and ideas while developing confidence, individuality and social skills. During the Fall & Winter sessions students rehearse a play which will be presented to family and friends on the final club day.

In our ACTORS CLUB performers, grades 5- 8, engage in theater games and exercises, discover healthy vocal production for the stage and develop beginning improvisation skills. Many of our exercises focus on the innovative techniques of Meisner, Stella Adler, and Stanislavski helping performers find their objective, how to build a character and how to analyze a script. As performers progress through the club they develop confidence, individuality and begin to discover the importance of their individual voice. During the Fall & Winter sessions performers rehearse a play which will be presented on the final club day for friends and family.