The Bullies Christmas Carol

Upcoming West Chester Studio at Uptown!

Holiday Cheer Play:
The Bullies Christmas Carol

Kick off your holiday season with our Holiday Cheer Play: The Bullies Christmas Carol, perfect family entertainment. Terrible twins Ebbie and Neezer bully their classmates, steal toys from homeless children, and do everything they can to ruin the school’s annual All-Inclusive, Non-Specific Holiday Celebration. But when three goofy ghosts show the siblings the past, present, and future consequences of their awful deeds, they take another look at their choices. Will the badly behaved duo change their ways in time to save the big show–and themselves?

Planning to attend the West Chester Christmas Parade on Friday night after our Holiday Cheer Show? To help parents navigate dinner, WCStudio at Uptown! will offer boxed dinners which will be available for pick up before our event, at intermission or after. The boxed dinners are available to order when you place your ticket order. We invite you to eat your dinners in the bar or in the theater during the show.

The Holiday Cheer Show will finish up by 6:45 pm, with the Parade beginning at 7:15 pm, the timing should be perfect! The Knauer Performing Arts Center is a few blocks from the Christmas Parade site and should allow everyone plenty of time to walk over.

Dates & Times:
Friday, December 6 at 5 pm;
Saturday, December 7 at 1 pm